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We work smarter to deliver true brand stewardship and innovation

RFP Development
Presentation Design
Beverage Ideation
Beverage Promotions
Experiential Menus
Reward Program
Fractional Beverage Director

Digital Marketing
Website Design
Social Media Activation
Data Analytics & Dashboards
Online Learning & Training
3rd Party Website Integration


Collectively we have more than a century of experience

We’ve been there, tasted that… and weathered storms both literally and figuratively. Our individual and collective experiences make us the perfect team to transform the world of food and beverage during these unprecedented times and beyond.

Kim Haasarud

Master Mixologist, Partner

Amy Katzenberg

CMO, Partner

Taylor Tierney

Director of Strategic Partnerships


We're an integral part of the food and beverage community and we're in it for the long haul.

Just a few of the brands we’re proud to call our partners and friends.


Now more than ever we must give back and pay it forward.

So many of our colleagues have been hit hard by the Coronavirus and no doubt the world of hospitality, and in general, will change forever. During these unprecedented times we need to band together as a community and help one another out and through to the other side.

Master & Shaker is committed to supporting those in need through various charities, as well as providing mentoring services to hospitality executives trying to work wrap their arms around new normal.

In addition, we work to incorporate a charitable element into every initiative we create. We’re grateful to have partners and clients who share our interest in social responsibility.

Cafe Dante, NYC


Sips and bites you need to know about

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Kim Haasarud
Posted by Kim Haasarud
May 21, 2020
Welcome to the Next Normal
David Morgan
Posted by David Morgan
April 4, 2020


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