Supplier Offerings

Master & Shaker was created to help Suppliers, Distributors and On-Premise Buyers navigate the “next normal.” From expert strategic planning to creative ideation and execution, we help brands recreate their revenue streams and rebuild their business for the long haul.


Spot on proposal and presentations

We work hand in hand with suppliers to prepare RFP proposals steeped in research and a deep understanding of the brand.


Support and Training

Our sales support is built upon an understanding of buyers’ needs and expectations.


Websites, social media, apps

With the advent of social distancing, digital marketing has never been more important to a brand’s sustainability. We have a team of experts on hand to help.


Beverage Promotions

Our innovative promotions are multi-layered, ownable and difficult for competitors replicate.

Past Supplier Promotions

We are true brand stewards

Research & Discovery

We take time to understand the essence of every product we represent, including brand identity, recent promotions, social media presence, as well as existing beverage programs, pricing and operations to ensure a successful promotion.

Competitive Assessments

A truly unique and press worthy promotion requires understanding the opportunities and constraints of the buyer’s competition. Our proposals include a synopsis of the threats and weaknesses of the competitive set.

Best in Class Presentations

We combine serious beverage expertise with a full service marketing agency, enabling us to deliver best-in-class presentations in your desired format.

What can we do for you? Let’s talk.

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